Sultan Pasha Attars Roulette Video 3 of 5 with notes of Tobacco, Oud, Rose, Ambergris, Civet, Musk, Orris, top ingredients!

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Sultan Pasha Attars Roulette 6 Random Compositions Samples

7. Nuit Persane

Top: Persian rose otto, Turkish Rose otto, saffron, frankincense

Middle: Mysore sandalwood, Bulgarian rose absolute, honey absolute , saffron

Base: spices, white ambergris, musk, beeswax absolute, tobacco, saffron resin, Siamese benzoin, Mysore sandalwood, powdery notes

15. Ame Sombre

19. Poudre Noire

Top: lilac, honey, Turkish rose otto, heliotrope

Middle: heliotrope, jasmine, tuberose, tobacco, peach

Base: Mousse de Saxe, Siamese benzoin, musk, ambergris, hay absolute, tobacco absolute, olibanum, black tea absolute, Peru balsam, Mysore sandalwood, cedarwood, honey absolute, civet

29. Camival D’Havana

Top: mango (created with natural apricot accord) rum, frankincense.
Middle: tuberose, tobacco, guaiac wood, gardenia absolute.
Base: sandalwood, tobacco, cade, cedar wood, castoreum, hyrax, musk, styrax.

27. Ocean of Flowers

26. Nankun Kodo

Out of respect for their wishes, I composed this composition after hours of research and experimentation using the finest ingredients possible. I used the exact ingredients as documented about Nankun; however, I added more as some of the documented composition was extremely vague to say the least.

As a result, I had to improvise with the olfactive materials to find a near exact match to the accords I experienced when burning these precious sticks… however, the condition was that the materials I used had to be easily available in Japan over the last hundred years.

I used Ambretollide to enhance the nutty ambrette absolute. This is the only synthetic I used in this composition and represents a mere 3% of the whole composition. I’m proud to say that this composition is 97% natural!


Cinnamon, cloves, Mysore sandalwood, ambrette, musk, spice mix (fenugreek, star anise, black cumin, and others), hinoki cypress, blue cypress, heliotrope, frankincense, aged patchouli, black ambergris, Siam benzoin, sinking grade oud chip infusion.

Play a game with me as I play Sultan Pasha Roulette, if you have the sample set sample along.  If not it is one of the best sample sets I have ever purchased. I am going to document why I have had such a tough time choosing from this perfume attar house.  The vials of goodness are escapes to so many places its amazing. Here is a list of the current ones. I will updated it with mine which has changed slightly.


1. Aurum D’Angkhor 

2. Irisoir 

3. Ensar Rose 

4. Vetiver Blanc 

5. Truffe Blanche 

6. Al Hareem 

7. Nuit Persane

8. Thebes l 

9. Equilibre 

10. Moonlit Reverie 

11. Jardin D’Bomeo Gardenia· 

12. Cuir de Russie 

13. Fougere Noire 

14. Etude en Fougere 

15. Ame Sombre Disclaimer and Safety Information 

16. Oud Douce Amere 

17. L’Heure D’Or 

18. L’Ephemere 

19. Poudre Noire 

20. Le Rayon Vert 

21. Tabac Grande 

22. Dewaniya 

23. Ambrecuir

24. Requiem

25. Cafe Ambre Noire

26. Nankun Kodo 

27. Ocean of Flowers 

28. Encens Chypre 

29. Camival D’Havana

30. Resine Precieux 


1. Ju