Sylvaine Delacourte House Overview

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@sylvainedelacourte House Overview

ATTENTION!!!!! I have a new category.  This is perfume that gets from point A to point B.  Not quite a signature scent, just a scent I can grab put on and get me to the office, get me to the gym, get me to a meeting.  It’s bright and awakening. You put it on and it just wakes you up a bit. It will layer perfectly with a lot of stuff think of like the color white in your wardrobe, they are just safe pieces to have that match almost anything.  A lot of times you just need this. Something that is modern new you can just grab in a hurry and go.

I can quickly see me using this the most of anything in my collection.  The dry down on all of them just sits nicely and doesn’t shout even in high heat situations.

Her branding is geared toward women a lot.  But men don’t fear Vanilla has been used in Men’s fragrances a lot recently, almost over used.  But when you choose a high quality Vanilla I’m all nose. She has all five dry down into a wonderful Vanilla musk if you will.  She has created a base that is all her own.

Her mastery carries over to the musk collection it is very familiar without the excellent vanilla.

I love the concept of her house and don’t think it’s over done it’s perfect.  Her samples are so affordable just get them. This is not about owning everything from the house rather one or two from each collection of notes you like on top of the base.  The one I would of chose without sampling is not even close to the one I picked by sampling it was actually about my 7th or 8th favorites. Thankyou Sylvaine for your extra work at putting together these sample packs and getting them across the pond to me.

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