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Tauer L Air Des Alpes Suisses Perfume Review and Score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Julia Child

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Andy Tauer


How? I Apply the Fragrance

Three to Five Sprays

Fragrance Overview

Never thought I would see the day that Andy would go fresh.  At least I wouldn’t put money on it.  The Tauerade is not here.  This definitely has Andy’s touch, but not what I have smelled in every other one of his perfumes I own, which are many.  Andy has a way of finding these nose-addicting fumes and putting them in his creations.  It’s like MSG on your skin.  It brings back many memories of my Grandpa and hanging out with him. This is the 70’s in a bottle.  This is Pan Am Airways in its glory days: everyone lining up in suits and dresses to fly off into newness.  Heavy-duty polyester suits and cocktail shrimp vibes.  Set proper dinner times with drinks to be had before.  Leave It to Beaver. I think you’re catching me.  I did not expect this, but I can tell it’s just too interesting not to own and wear all of the time. I just went herb picking last week and met some new friends.  They aren’t into perfume but the healthiest herbs you can put into your body.  They know the exact time and day to pick them for the highest potency.  Was in love out there.  They grew lemon balm, and it is almost exactly as it soundsnot sparkling fresh lemon but dense, herbacious, green, soft lemon mint.  I can smell this was used here, and it is genius. Very impressed Andy pulled this trick out for this; it’s a visit to the mountains.  This is just like being out on that herb farm.

Fragrance Review

Instantly when I put my nose on this, I get a candy.  Don’t even ask; it is nose candy, and it is addictive.  It’s got a pure air about it with a festival arriving at the foot of the village mountains.  It’s seductive, medicinal in nature, and pulls you in to an experience.  Honestly it doesn’t transition that much.  It’s just a unique accord.  There is no patchouli in this, but gives you that feel that patchouli gives off.  That green fresh spice feel. Slightly woody, some spiciness, a whiff of florals to it.  I couldn’t pick out the exact source note, but there was a familiarity to the three accords. Overall this feels like you are at a vibrant herb farm with fresh wet mountain air.  Another winner in my opinion, but sample first.  This goes in a whole new direction for Tauer.  If you are in love with that rugged, dark smell that adorns most of the line, know that it won’t be found here. You will, however, be rewarded with some of the best smelling air that this earth has to offer.  I imagine these are smells Andy picks up while on his runs. Ambergris, tonka, fir, birch, dried needles, lily, orchid, wild thyme, basil, rosewood, nutmeg, mountain lavender, lemon balm

Bottle Presentation

Perfumer:Andy Tauer
Fragrance Family:Aromatic Herbal
Pricing:$2.70/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

L Air Des Alpes Suisses

Experience 11/15
Branding & Originality 3/5
Projection & Sillage 4/5
Longevity 18/5
Composition 22/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 4/10
HEART: 6/5
BASE: 5/10


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  1. Thanks for the coverage. i wonder what orchid smells like? The ones my mom used to grow had a generic slightly spicy green smell. But many orchids smell different.

    1. Therapeutic Fragrance Hmm…I’m not too sure. There’s one guy who described another orchid variety (a particular species in Singapore) of smelling like a lily! That’s vastly different. I wonder what the generic orchid smell in western perfumery is considered like? I should ask folks in the industry. I don’t even know what TF Black Orchid has to do with the real thing. I have not liked on any Tauer releases other then LDDM and Couer (not counting the Flash stuff). Might buy a sample in my next purchase.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance Just bought samples of his whole flash series and the new one. I just remembered that I did kind like the Le Maroc Pour Elle. Wish he still shipped to Canada. I love his sample boxes.

    1. Where did you find info on Au coeur des alpes? Interested. Wonder if that is this concept with his other house accord. I haven't heard a thing on this one personally. But stand by everything. This is an opposite direction for what people are used to with Tauer. It is super hard to pull off new accords and I think it was needed for the house to expand to people that don't want the OG Tauer all the time. Must sample for sure and just like people were divided on the the famous LDDM accord same here. Cheers!

  2. You totally right , it’s a Winn from this brand, it’s not a very unique scent but the special here is the sharpness of cooling from the first hour when you sprayed butttttttttt I think ???? it so deserves to buyyyyyy full bottle and also that so incredibly attractive for women I swear.

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