The Top 5 Florals By Areej Le Dore Indolis

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2 of 5 Top five florals by Areej Le Dore
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This is the one that started it all.  Florals can be dark, florals can be oh so ever nasty and mean.  Their beauty is ahhh so much deeper than the top whiffs we know every spring in the garden.  If you go deep into the flower to smell it’s heart it shouts out with so much attitude and syrupy goodness it invigorates the imagination to no end.  I have never smelled smells this deep before and your telling me they come from a flower. To pull this out and give it more life to absorb in your skin and have it wear throughout the day is something entirely new.  When I say dark, nasty, and mean. I am coming at it with a purpose it is commanded focus of all three that if you pay attention you will be greatly rewarded with imaginative bliss. Floral Notes that will sing in your head something you have never put together before.  Top heart and base flowers can do all three I am learning and this fellow man Russian Adam has put on his teaching cap and folks…. Class is in session. If you pay attention your reward won’t be graded but you will be able to hold some of his masterpieces. I don’t just come up with this writing for anything it is backed up by masterpiece art that we can own.

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