The Top Ten Oud Perfumes The List, Yes all perfume compositions contain authentic oud

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They Actually contain Oud
The Top OUD Perfumes 

Before we get into the Top Oud Perfumes list, honorable mention needs to go to the starter oud: TIMBRE by CHRIS RUSAK. As an oud, it is too soft to make this list officially, but it will allow you to get familiar with the precious oil and what it can be.  If you are not familiar with oud, you will be able to pick up the scent here.  The best description of this I have heard is that it smells like a clean man’s armpit. What a brilliant description; of course, there is a lot more to this scent, but if the smell here is too much for you, stay away from the rest of this list.

Now let’s get into an important point here: oud versus synthetic oud. This is why I have an attitude and my defense systems go into overdrive. The fragrances without any real oud in them need to take it out of their name, period. This is a plea to every marketing mogul or brand manager about BS marketing. Have some respect for the customer. And to other reviewers: many of the “oud” perfumes you review probably do not contain real oud.

You have been warned; this is an advanced oud here, the kind your Western perfumers warned you about. The mid is pretty funky. I don’t mind it, but others I think would. I don’t see that this would get you any compliments in the big city on this one, and I hope you’re not in the train or bus on the way home. This oud here has a fecal the fecal quality. It is blended well and has its purpose, but this is for advanced oud lovers only.
Dusita Oud Infini
This is one oud that will change your world. Once you smell it, there is absolutely no going back. It is something you will have to own. You’ve been warned. The top is an oriental floral oud affair.  No one note is trying to out-shout the others for attention. Rather, each note is giving compliments to the others, lifting them up to be a beautiful song to the nose. The notes are admiring each of their strengths and pulling together to enhance the atmosphere, continually giving an uplifting experience.

I like to layer this on top of a dry down of one of my favorite ouds. You definitely don't need to layer this with something else, but it lets the fragrance shout that much more due to the oil on top of your skin.
Ensar Oud Number 1
This one I have mentioned in earlier reviews. I get memory flashes whenever I smell this.  I have specific memories of each time I put this on. I pick it for special times that my life gets changed, and this is an opportunity to remember those special occasions and to look forward to those times to come. If there is such a thing as heaven on earth, this is close. It is a very spiritual experience for me. I don’t expect everyone to understand that, but that’s what it is for me—a very personal and powerful experience.
Flux de Fleur Areej Le Dore
This is both sweet