TigerLust by Ensar Oud The best fragrance in 2020

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Video is up. My first reaction I would want to say is planned. I want to make it dramatic for video, but anyone that truly knows me. They know I don’t hide how I feel good or bad my face just shows it I’m straight forward and that’s how I wanna live life. No time for being anything else. I was going to cut it because it’s vulnerable as hell. But I was seriously speeches after first spray. Wearing again today and this stuff is another level. Yes you must love musk to gain an entrance to really apprecitaing this, but this is a complete composition packed with so much. Not just packed but it all plays like a symphony inside the Boston Symphony Hall. Yeah big words, for big perfume. My first five seconds of spraying this on left me speechless and struck emotions instantly. I put it on again today and the same thing. I’m not fronting or acting, just being one hundred percent authentic. Fantastic release.
Kudos to you Mr. Ensar Oud

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