Top 5 Perfumes 4 date night & Valentines Areej le dore Tauer Slumberhouse Atelier House of Matriarch

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Rose Anonyme This is for your first Valentines with someone, you don’t know them that well. You over paid for the dozen roses to play it ultra safe, you know your dates expecting something, maybe some chocolates. Hit it home with this fragrance if the roses were a success this will only remind your date of the thoughtfulness all night long. This is red rose through and through, the closest I have smelled on the market. This is about as Valentines cliche as it gets. Sex Magic You know what time it is. This is suggestive and this is one I would want as a double fragrance you both where it. You both create the atmosphere of the date. This is Valentines in kinda scent. You did a huge dinner together after those cooking classes and now want to chill. Just you two. A scent where you can be on the couch together with a movie and are at just total comfort together. Yeah this is about being a100% yourself with the other person and you are just okay not being out, the most important thing is being together. Kiste One of two night of the town scents. I’m thinking Jazz club. Down in the cellar with live music kinda vibe that’s where I’m going with this one. This is a projector and silllage Beast. When you feel just Beastly, Lion, King of the jungle kind of Valentines and want the world to notice you and your Beauty. Beauty being the one your with. She will tame this scent so she has to be okay with this loudness too. Flux De Fluer I have said this before the real mastery at Areej Le Dore is his florals. It is way too overshadowed by ouds. He is a master oud distiller, but he has taken all of that experience into florals and we are able to experience florals like never before because of him. This is a scent that gets little love even from the Areej Le Dore team compared to others, but when you compare this to any florals currently on the market there is none. He is playing at another level. His Raw ingredients are just a bar higher than everyone else’s. PHI Une Rose de Kandahar This is if you are going to a circ dus ole, broadway show, live show, casino (if that’s your thing, no judgment) Out for more than dinner. This is the spice base accord that Tauer is famous for with his twist of an animalic rose. This is one of my favorites, I brag about it on Instagram. BONUS: The only one I will wear for my Wife Walimah

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