Top 5 Spring Florals by Areej Le Dore

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Top 5 florals for Spring brought to you by Areej Le Dore

As I search for florals this is no hype you can’t compare anything on the market period to these.  No hyperbole. If you are looking for what florals are this is the Apex as of now. The ingredients that are being used are Olympic level.  I have talked about this and will continue until something beats these out. But if you are looking for a melting experience that transports you to the very earth these flowers came from here it is.  You are not going to get a mass mall airotic accord fournd everywhere you are getting the real deal. I have tried to look, I have reviewed in masses this is where it’s at. There are other brands that are doing very good compositions, but not playing with the same raw material.  Just the smell from the botle is enough.

I will push Russian Adam as far as he can go.  He hasn’t even shown us his peak and that’s scary to think about.  In each collection you can start to see an accord he is making to become his own that is carrying these even further.  Right now this is letting the best of the best ingredients speak for themselves. A thing James Beard winning chefs have learned.

If he puts Oud in the name of his works people flock to those and i am guilty, but I found a much greater treasurer.  He is an oud master don’t hear me wrong, I have well reviewed many of his distillations here. But he is the floral King above and beyond anything else.  He is bring florals to perfumery like I have never smelled. I am not versed in vintage perfumery, but very well versed in what is on the market today. The apex is here and I want to climb it with him, because I too am all about reaching the top.


Started it all.  Only bought it because it was the one of only two available when I became aware of house.  And I was introduced that flowers can be mean, dirty, animalic, and I love it. I love wearing it and I love seeing all the sassiness play out during the wear.

The composition opens with the rarest, most costly jasmine extract known to man: Indonesian jasmine enfleurage. Delicate, soft and virginal… yet with an indolic, almost animalic touch… this enfleurage represents the scent that is closest to the true aroma of a night-blooming jasmine flower. It is further boosted with distilled oil of gardenia blossoms. Wild, piercing and even more animalic, this adds unmatchable layers to the top notes. Sharp, Indonesian jasmine absolute and soft neroli from Tunisia provide a foundation for the bouquet of top notes, causing them to last and shine through the entire composition.

The heart of this perfume was not only blended, but co-distilled, by Russian Adam. Pineapple, ginger, lime and tangerine were placed together into a single boiler and cooked, allowing the essences to be released and infused into one another, bringing to life a totally unique aroma. It was then blended with rare Omani, green hojary frankincense, distilled by Russian Adam, using water from the Alp Mountains. Alpine water, with its minerals and unique chemical composition, contribute an unmistakable signature. Pristine, crystal clear, airy and fresh, it makes the delicate scent of green hojary frankincense even softer, purer and more refined.


I only put this on very occasionally but it is my most opened attar by a long shot.  I am now familiar with a lot of the florals in here, but I had no clue about the narcotic power of florals until constantly smelling this.

Pure oil perfume 3 grams.   Contains traces of perfumers alcohol used for deer must tincture.

Heavy, classical, floral oriental blend, with a touch of highly-matured, chocolaty deer musk, and a gentle whisper of animalic royal oud.

Top notes: yellow champaka distilled by Russian Adam, magnolia otto and absolute

Heart notes: Royal Bengal oud, tobacco absolute, Indonesian cocoa extract, saffron and  


Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk, vetiver absolute, aged from 2010; Indian labdanum absolute and Peru balsam

Flux De Fleur

This one I have mentioned before I get memory flashes when I smell this.  Memory flashes of every time I put this on. I pick it for special times that my life gets changed and this is a rememberance of those times and times to come.  If there is such a thing as heaven to earth this is close to what happens, it is a very spiritual experience for me. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but that’s what it is for me and is a very personal and powerful experience.

Top notes: dissolved green and black frankincense; pink grapefruit

Heart notes: rooh of jasmine sambac and yellow frangipani; tuberose absolute, Cambodian oud that is over 10 years old; dark Sumatran oud soaked in coconut water; and Indian amber shamama attar, aged for more than two decades

Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk; castoreum, blue lotus absolute, honeysuckle and henna infusion, vetiver, tolu balsam and benzoin.

Malik al Taif

40% rose handpicked by the most delicate of hands at the perfect time of day.  Yes that is the detail that he gives us. That is why someone charging 10 an ml I want to know what makes your oil worth that.  Not only does he give this detail, but you put this on and yeah I feel, I mean I feel these being picked feel me. Trying my best to get a across the passion these draw from me.

A legend…

A tale…

An untold story from a desert oasis.

An aromatic version of the Arabian Nights.

Top notes: Royal Taif rose and Indian rose

Heart notes: Indian oud, saffron and deer musk absolute

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, amber resin and Siam benzoin

Koh i noor

How he get’s lemon to be like this is master distillation cuts the strong citrus and you just get the sweet lemonade of the lemon.  The flowers are the stars but I like all sorts of lemonade and know ylang ylang lemonade is one of my favorites, not jasmine lemonade is one of my favs, no Champaka is the fav.  It’s a combo of all three and they all just shine vibrantly sweetened with a crust of sandalwood. Oud is there but only as a carrier not ever taking over the fragrance just enhancing the entire experience.

A huge, animalic floral oriental that came to life in collaboration with Nikhil, known as Perfume Guru, who created the idea of this composition.

Top notes: wild Siberian deer musk, Indonesian lemon distilled by Russian Adam

Heart notes: ylang ylang, gardenia, jasmine, champaka, patchouli,

tonka bean, thirty year old Indian oud and The Mysore sandalwood

distilled by Russian Adam

Base notes: benzoin, crude amber, tuberose attar and jasmine sambac absolute

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