Unboxing American Perfumer Chatillon Lux Madame Chouteau, Olympic Orchids, Mikmoi, & Sarah Horowitz

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American Perfumer Chatillon Lux Madame Chouteau

Madame Chouteau Notes: Apricot, elemi, jasmine, jonquil, red champaca, davana, mousse de St. Louis, yerba mate, sandalwood and Thai oud.

This is the limited release I got from American Perfumer. This is the fourth in the series by Shawn Maher of Maher Olfactive Chatillon Lux.  The perfume is called Madame Chouteau after a founder of St. Louis. Most of his creations are based on the city.

Other things include the samples I ordered and paid for with this perfume.

Video also shows perfumes from Olympic Orchids Mardi Gras, Tropic of Capicorn

Mikmoi Mik Coyle AO
Ao Notes: Tuberose, Thai ginger, coconut

And Sarah Horowitz Parfums – Sarah Horowitz her perfume Perfect Coconut Milk.

Perfect Coconut Milk Notes: Almond, coconut, orange blossom, gardenia, tonka bean, vanilla, Egyptian musk.

12:04 https://youtu.be/3N9aZALdCWY?t=724

Rookie Mistake referred to in Info Graphic is wearing all of the perfumes and giving any heavy opinions.  Only light and first reactions should be talked about. The other perfumes totally ate up the apricot and I got fume’s I shouldn’t of while wearing alone.  The Apricot is brilliant and I could totally see it being named after a lady. It’s a stunning note with the florals super well blended. I am very impressed after wearing this twice already.  Peace.

The Mother of Saint Louis, Marie-Thérèse Bourgeois Chouteau overcame monumental adversity to become the co-founder of the Gateway to the West in tandem with her partner, Pierre Laclède Liguest. She left behind both a self-made fortune and a legacy of rising above the seemingly insurmountable barriers to find success.

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