Vintage Guerlain Heritage

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Guerlain Heritage is a beautiful mix of some citruses that stick around into the mid notes and spices that float in the air. A nice dry wood erring on the side of a cedar with a sawdust finish. Definitely a synthetic musk that stays for the dry down. The Guerlainaide is all present here.



  1. Man, I don't know where to start. Either you have a fake, have only tried fake Guerlain’s or pre-macerated bottles (which I highly doubt and I know you'll be able to tell real from fake) or you're getting nose blind to them too fast. Heritage in vintage gold cap and modern faux wood cap in edt and edp give me and all my collector/frag friends enthusiasts minimum 8-10 hours while most of us get 12 hours with perfect projection throughout the entire wear. Even one of my friend’s who’s skin eats up just about everything. Santal Royal and Oud Essentiel are decent, pleasant middle eastern inspired fragrances, but they're some of Guerlain’s lower tier perfumes. Those give me a solid 15 hours with too much projection, which is not the typical class that Guerlain is known for. Too much harsh norlimbanol perhaps.

    Anyway, great review! I love the honesty

    1. It could be nose blind or whatever I have heard this called. I think it has to do with skin chemistry I am partial to iso e super bases vs ambroxan. I'm sure Guerlain use iso e super direction in there base. To be fair I have people that say they can smell these on me, when I don't smell a thing. I have seen a couple good videos on comparison of fragrances where people smell off there skin and smell different things. They smell each other and agree that the fragrance is different off of each other. Thanks for contributing the feedback.

    2. Therapeutic Fragrance whenever I get new decants, my friend and I always compare how different a scent is between us; it's what we enjoy the most, comparing how our chemistry pulls different notes out. She always pulls the florals and scents smell so feminine/ pretty on her; I pull out the spicy and muskiness. In the early 90's, JOOP was my signature scent in high school/ college. It always smelled so sweet on everyone, but on me it smelled SO different, spicy musk. I think if it smelled like everyone else, I wouldn't have worn it; but luckily, my chemistry made it smell so bad ass, if you could believe that scent could be as such, lol.

  2. It's very well done. Yesterday I used it for the first time and I really liked it. I can still smell it after I get up today. You've been unlucky, man. One thing I want to say is that it feels very soft, round and natural, I'm talking about a bottle of '92. If this were bottled today and sold as a $250 niche, a lot of people would buy it without thinking about it. Modern perfumery isn't up to the task, but you only realize when you try the great classics in good condition. It's the path I've chosen to follow for months and frankly I'm very happy. I'm spending less than ever and I smell better than ever. Best regards

    1. Thanks so much for addressing this! I have learned so much on acquiring vintages and smelling vintages since this video. I have been able to smell an older version at a vintage smelling party in Portland, ORE. It's as you explained yes at least 250. This is one in it's vintage form that needs to live. Vintage Guerlain is a specific passion of mine. I do own a late 50's early 60's Mitsouko the ambergris is divine. And am currently hunting a vintage shalimar with real musk in it. Cheers.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance The great Guerlain's mitsouko, almost nothing. I know what you're talking about, buddy. I have 3 extraits and a cologne from Mitsouko. I only have one open, it's from the '50s like yours only the first lustro, the other two are from the first 70s and '82. I also have a 30's L'Heure bleue that is still unopened (I've been postponing its opening for months) and some more. It may be the best brand of the 20th century. Cheers!

    3. @Therapeutic Fragrance I'd just like to tell you that I think you're a serious, believable guy, keep it up, don't change. Cheers!!

    4. @Therapeutic Fragrance No, not at all. You know what you smell so much better than I do. I really don't miss a lot describing something when I probably have nothing to contribute as well as my experiences with these Guerlain's are more emotional and indescribable than full of words. I'm good at seeing images when I smell something, that's for sure. But in this case I'm more comfortable listening to someone who knows more than I do than by contributing hollow words or phrases. Best Regards

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance . Every steps helps to improve. Perfectly normal that it might end up rugged. And it is good. And the information, your point of view is what always matter to us, your followers. I would venture on a future if I think I have the knowledge, and still a lot to learn. And would like to do it in spanish and maybe a brief english version.
      Not enough spanish reviewers with our taste for naturals.

  3. @Therapeutic Fragrance I'm sorry to bother you. Did you say you were looking for a Shalimar? I hope you're lucky, the vintage bottles look like they've been swallowed by the earth. Do you think the ancient Shalimar wore real deer musk? Or are you referring to castoreum?

  4. Not sure it was castoreum definitely a civet. Thought I smelled real musk in it as well. I have only smelled on a testing strip and a vintage party I was at. There were 100 people sharing their vintages and I won't swear by anything than the fact it was out of this world. I know they have my contact info as well. You never know. The way your question is worded I can't tell if it's sarcasm or genuine but that is my one reaction to vintage Shalimar. Definitely not enough to put a review up here on the channel only to loosely talk about in comments.

  5. @Therapeutic Fragrance Sarcasm none, Brandon. I'm serious, I've read a lot and I have no doubt there's castoreum and civet of course real. However Apres L'ondee did carry Tonkin musk at the base until the 70s it was banned. Could I email you to show you something

    1. I haven't I gave up on this after the review. It's something that pushed me into starting a channel. I still smell from time to time but have no doubt it's the modern version especially after acquiring so many vintages since.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance Thanks yes and thanks for your channel! I bought Heritage EDT just after it was released in '93 and also bought a bottle on Ebay that was listed as vintage w/out the box. It either has lost a LOT over time, or the seller was disingenuous as it has no where near the punch, depth, and longevity I remember from my old bottle. Cheers.

  6. From my experience none of these lose much over time the opposite is true everything becomes richer and denser even citrus. Easy to go buy new stuff and decant into older bottles and re crimp. The Mitsouko I bought took me a year before buying and it is heavenly.

  7. @Therapeutic Fragrance yeah, unfortunately there are those bad actors in the Bay. You must be getting phyched for the ALD6 release on Saturday. Have you decided which you'll aim for – only one bottle per person, right?

  8. @Therapeutic Fragrance I got the samples and nothing has really compelled me to jump into the pit on Saturday. Great you got yours! I've got 4 back up bottles of Siberian Summer which is is a favorite of mine from the 5th.

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