Walimah Attar Bottle 007 Areej Le Dore

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Walimah Attar
I just can’t put my head on a description that does this #scent justice. It is powdery and I don’t care. It is floral and I don’t care. This is a special scent I have opened and smelled easily over a hundred times.

I sneak into this all the time I am always sniffing this and never using I don’t want to see my oil go down.  This is heaven to the senses. The write up on this is perfect, the story everything. My favorite floral fragrance I own no questions about it. -Always has me sniffing
From @areejledoreperfume
Heavy, classical, floral oriental blend, with a touch of highly-matured, chocolaty deer musk,  and a gentle whisper of animalic royal oud.

Top notes: yellow #champaka distilled by Russian Adam, magnolia otto and absolute

Heart notes: Royal Bengal #oud, tobacco absolute, Indonesian cocoa extract, saffron and cinnamon

Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian #deermusk, #vetiver absolute, aged from 2010; Indian #labdanum absolute and #Perubalsam

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