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Les Inédits Eau De Madeline Au Pays De La Fleur d’oranger perfume review and score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance


Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Jean Claude Gigodot


Price Per Millileter

156 100ML

Perfume Classification

Eau De Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

3 - 5

Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfumes Notes Citrus on top with a dirty undertone. Everything seems to be fighting to come out on top of the perfume. This is a case where I am glad this is not one of the first ones I wore from a house. I have been so superbly impressed with everything until now. I am sitting back trying to think what the perfumer was trying to accomplish. I just really can’t make sense of any transitions or ingredients. To much of the story is told to you at one time. The leather is nice but it never transitions to it. It literally muddles all notes from the beginning. As notes start to fade this actually settles into a decent leather wear, no kidding. There is just so much leather in here that the top gets destroyed and lost. If that was re thought I think there would be something here. You can see why Tom Ford has not used a citrus, but used powerful notes like rasberry to take on a strong leather. Yeah you are left with a darn good leather on this. A white musk is your back to it which pairs perfectly. The incense finally develops with some rose mixed in both are the same a tad bit of vanilla and you are left with a leather incense on the skin with the vibrant Au pays perfume accord. I really don’t know if I could get past that top every time it takes quite a while. Jean Claude drydown have to be waited for. This just turned into a fantastic leather drydown. Just wish you didn’t have to wait for it to get here. I think the amount of leather used ruined the top notes. If the top was re worked this is seriously a fantastic leather I think a lot of ladies would flock to, I honestly don’t see many people waiting it out every wearing. I couldn’t.

Perfumer's Notes:

Bottle Presentation

Company:Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger
Perfumer:Jean Claude Gigodot
Fragrance Family:Leather
Classification:Eau De Parfum
Pricing:$1.56/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Eau De Madeline

& O.G. Factors
Projection & Sillage 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Composition 16/25
& Price per ML


TOP: 5/10
HEART: 4/5
BASE: 9/10


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