Rising Mysore and Musk Lave

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Rising Mysore and Musk Lave –

To Cypre on Not to Chypre?
Best Chypre 2020 Musk Lave
Best Fougere 2020 Rising Mysore

Ok all experts I am just a novice and as always live it out in front

I know Musk Lave was marketed as a Barbershop Fougere. But I can’t get over the fact it wears more like a Chypre to me. My understanding of Chypre is that it contains an accord of citrus, labdanum and oakmoss that give it that effect. This has all three and are most prominent to my nose. YES it has lavender in abundance but does that automate it into a barbershop fougere? IMO this is more of a Chypre than Fougere and isn’t a strong dose of Coumarin a must?

Okay my Fouger pick is not traditional at all, BUT (A BIG BUT) It has the most important part of what I would call a fougere. That sparkly clean zingy fresh aromatic that everything hangs on. To this date I am wracking my brain in my own studio trying to figure out what they did to accomplish this all naturally. It’s a true genius accord they own. But this is what I would categorize as a barbershop. In no way is it traditional but it really feels like you got that clean buzz more than the latter.

Feel free to hammer away in these comments. No right or wrong as these two categories have been pulverized by perfume houses over the last century. A lot of you bring more experience to this conversation than I ever could. I’m just tired of people telling me Musk Lave isn’t a Chypre when by all definitions I’ve found, it truly is.

What is a Chypre?
What is a Fougere?

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