8 Things About Therapeutic Fragrance

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Sorry about posts doing a stitch for my wall. I was tagged by @thebouquetresidence_
to share eight things about me. So had to do it with a little Brandon style. Not really one to share personal stuff, but this is about being different so here it is:

Eight Things About Me I absolutely love traveling, but can’t stand tourist traps
Some of my favorite days in life are just being dropped in any metropolitan area with my sneaker and camera. No maps, no plans, all possibilities.
Cycling is a crazy passion of mine, knowing I can go anywhere in the world with a road is a super awesome feeling to me. Discovering roads on mountains that I would never visit otherwise.
This feed and perfume thing has been almost an exact opposite of how my close friends know me. I have really opened myself up here.
Coffee is as big of obsession as perfume, I am totally geeked out about every aspect of it.
I can cook most cuts of meats really well, currently working on Al Pastor on a rotisserie. My main role for work is marketing.
Photography is yet another passion I have woven into my life. I love the thought of having one still moment capturing an entire season of life when you reflect back on it. A picture from the top of Mt St Helens with my oldest daughter comes to mind. It’s very powerful to me.

Tons of people I could tag, but some I have met over summer and made experience in this community even better.
My fellow crew from another Vancouver ????????. Your it.

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