A WALK THROUGH MY REVIEWING WEARING 5 “Finally my favorite wearing”

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WEARING 5 “Finally my favorite wearing”
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This is wear I go back and refine the notes and make sure everything is the same and just enjoy, most of the time this includes hiding out with a couple of world class cappucino’s and catching up on others in the community at a local coffee shop, Portland Baby. (I think this is why I still live here)

This is the best oud perfume I own. They mixed some of the best aspects of oud oils and let them breath against orriss and there superb synthetic musks. Yeah me saying superb synthetic I have hammered so many companies over the use of synthetics. But here I really feel the Brothers Au took incredible time to think through more than what they smell like on paper. They just wear brilliantly on skin and work with the oud instead of being a linear note. An accord is built that provide the oud to flourish in the top, heart, and base.

This is some of the best and friendliest of the oud aromas picked out. You are not going to get the heavy and dirty on these. No barnyard, just a lot of different nuances of what oud can be in perfume.

To those that have Musc Oud Maharaja in your collections it is truly a blessing that hopefully you get to share with those you come across while wearing or give off a couple of sprays if they make it to your home.

My philosophy with oud is it has to be shared, if not your missing one of the most important points of what this oil is.

Alright everyone that wraps it up in this five part post, will try to put together in a story in my profile. Just wanted to build the accountability of what it takes to cross a score of 90.

Peace Out.

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