Anonim by Russian Adam Silver Ambergris

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I unmask the anonymous perfumer of Anonim Silver Ambergris

YOUTUBE has the educated guess

My journey – my closest followers know and we discuss often is about the DNA that each house offers the “Aide” My infatuation with Guerlain and Tauer at first has led me to many other perfumers that create that Je Ne Sais Quoi.

My nose has a nack for picking up the special sauce from perfumers, the bells and whistles that add to the special raw materials chosen for a composition. Their signatures.

I have made it a point to get to know people through their work there is no lying to the nose. It’s all truth – something that I like. Once you finally spray their work on past all the rubbish of marketing, fancy bottles, and social media posts it’s just me and them. Nothing can be hidden at that point. One of the beautiful things I love most about this journey.

So when my most reviewed bottle owned perfumer puts on a mask and thinks he can hide I’m not looking at him through the aforementioned lenses. I am looking at him where he can’t hide his creation. There are a handful of people I believe I could find there signature from, but I have smelled more creations from my guess than anyone else. So while you read through my comments on YouTube and it feels everyone thinks I’m crazy, maybe you should put on the glasses I use when guessing.

It’s all open air up on the Tube with some spicy comments join in have you smelled this?

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