Anotele Lebreton Perfumes

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Anatole Lebreton Perfumes

French Perfume fans rejoice! This is all French class. Herbal florals juicy fruits and a sillage perfect for the evening. All perfumes are vastly different with excellent materials used, but all just have the aforementioned feeling to me. Here are a little of the differences of each one to my nose.

This is the fragrance selected as a finalist to the Art and Olfaction Awards. Listed notes are Pear, Plum, Raspberry, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Virginia cedar, Peruvian balsam, Musk.

In the past I have developed a craving for patchouli and rose combos this hits that and juices off the skin with opulent air.

L’Eau Scandaleuse
Delivers a dirty floral and fruit vibe with hints of leather.
Bois Lumière
A syrup that’s not fully honey and not fully maple, but perfectly in between with french herbs and soft woods playing on the skin.

To me this comes off a bit like an amber that has a savory top.

Lavender notes and an aromatic basil form aromatics that are fresh and restful. Cumin notes add a savory against the patchouli.
L’Eau Merzhin
A sweet powdery hay, sweet and light oakmoss join in a bit. All notes lightly done and still pull off perfectly unisex to me.

YOUTUBE: Unboxing is live and my first spray ever of this house

Congrats to Anatole and best of luck at the nominations.

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