Areej Le Dore New Releases Ottoman Empire II, Siberian Musk II, Malik Al Taif, Baikal Gris, Oud Luwak, Walimah

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Areej Le Dore Attar Release March 14th 2020

✔ Malik Al Taif: $130
Top notes: Royal Taif rose and Indian rose

Heart notes: Indian oud, saffron and deer musk absolute

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, amber resin and Siam benzoin

✔ Siberian Musk part 2: $130
Top notes: Italian bergamot and lime, Indian mandarin, Siberian smoky pine. Freshly co-distilled hydrosol from exotic fruits and citruses.

Middle notes: a maceration made from legally obtained, wild Siberian
deer musk grains, Moroccan orange blossom, Australian sandalwood, galbanum,
cypress and a variety of spices.

Base notes: wild, green agarwood oils from Papua New Guinea, blue
cypress absolute, patchouli, amber

✔ Walimah: $125
Top notes: yellow champaka distilled by Russian Adam, magnolia otto and absolute

Heart notes: Royal Bengal oud, tobacco absolute, Indonesian cocoa extract, saffron and cinnamon

Base notes: legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk, vetiver absolute, aged from 2010; Indian labdanum absolute and Peru balsam

✔ Ottoman Empire part 2: $110
Ottoman Empire is…The essence of mysteries,With a heart of extravagant richness,A character of unmatchable diversity,The blissful sensation of narcotic depth,And a soul-healing impact.

Top notes: Jamaican pepper, cardamom, pure rose oil from Afghanistan, Georgia and Bulgaria, Indian rose absolute. Thai white rose, jasmine and frangipani water freshly co-distilled by Russian Adam.

Middle notes: infusion of frangipani flowers, saffron attar aged over twenty
years, three types of Indian agarwood oil, including traces of an
Assam oud that is nearly two decades old, clean Indian vetiver,
cinnamon and nutmeg.

Base notes: seven year old sandalwood from Bangladesh, Indian oakmoss,
crude amber resin oil and sweet myrrh.

✔ Baikal Gris: $110
Top notes: Russian fir balsam, violet leaf, grey Indian ambergris

Heart notes: old Mysore sandalwood resinoid extracted by Russian Adam, vanilla, grey Indian ambergris

Base notes: tonka bean, fossil amber, cypress, cedarwood, oakmoss and nagarmotha

✔ Oud Luwak: $110
Top notes: coffee Luwak, sinking Sumatra agarwood smoke infusion

Heart notes: Maroke Noir oud oil, spikenard, carrot seeds, nutmeg

Base notes: Indian oud, Indonesian vetiver absolute, cedarwood and
Sumatran benzoin

Thoughts I what I might be after on new releases and what I am okay with. Why I put this out there to race against everyone I have no clue but it seems to keep paying off just doing things this way.

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