Auphorie No 15

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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The day I fell in love with……….. Auphorie No. 15, not just this but specifically  oris root and iris. Admittedly they were always ingredients I would never sample.  Stuff like my grandma, lipstick, old would ring in my head. And the couple I have smelled in big sample packs I wrote off the note all together.  If I were watching a video and they mentioned one of these as a main note. I couldn’t click next fast enough. One big sample day not paying attention to notes, but houses and juice.  I am a straight up sucker for juice color and well blue is the achilles heel of colors. So I ordered it only knowing the name nothing else only out the price of a coffee if I don’t like it.  As soon as this arrived the very first thing I opened was the shiny bright blue juice in this wax sealed red sachet. I couldn’t believe the pure air aroma I smelled. I instantly dosed myself in this.  For the next four hours the fume was undeniable atmosphere changing aromas. The reason I personally seek out perfume in the first place.
Change your outlook, change your life.  I really do mean that. I am know deep into this ingredient like many of past seeing what it can really do and how far it can go.
Well this blue is only the beginning this is one of the best discoveries I have had on this journey.  Thanks for being here with me and pushing this thing we call perfume forward together, to keep making more discoveries like this. . . . . .









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