Berceuse ALLEGRETTO 7.2 EDP Unboxing Antonio Gardoni the perfumer Will Carius from Barrister & Mann

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ALLEGRETTO 7.2 Berceuse Perfume House

Brand new perfume from Bogue’s Antonio Gardoni. Had to chase it down he has become one of my modern mixed media perfume masters.  He has some of his signatures all over this one while giving us new notes that hit new highs and lows off of the skin like nobodies business.  William Mann of Brrister and Mann founded a new company Berceuse and opens it up right out of the gate with Antonio.

Allegretto I think is going to become a hit right away.  It’s just got all of that interest you want in a niche brand and all that refinement to make it have staying power.  Named after Bethoven’s 7th Symphony it has a lot to live up to. I have featured works from both people extensively on the channel so getting this up here just makes since.  It would of been an easy blind buy for me except for the fact there has just been to much stuff released in a short time frame.

Ladies and gentlemen my unboxing of Allegretto 7.2 is my pleasure to bring you. This comes from being a fan of Barrister and Mann Fougere Aromathique and Bogues many offering of Mem, I love YY, MAAI, 07738, and Dolceaur.

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