Bogue MAAI “The Chypre to keep you on your toes”

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Bogue MAAI
“The Chypre to keep you on your toes”
Okay I won’t leave you hangn, a little mean yesterday. A vintage chypre that is very difficult to obtain it took me a year.
Today something that is readily available. I have heard people say perfume is boring there is nothing new and yes if you are stuck at strip malls and fancy department store counters I could agree. But if you leave the walls and go into the studios where artisans stay up late at night in dark places to protect their precious elixir’s you will find someone like Antonio Gardoni.

He gives us Maai here is an old rough weathered concoction that is whitty at a moments notice. It’s got the creative twist and turns I want in an interpretation of something else. This is easily a unisex fragrance maybe leaning to rougher edges, but kept in check with rose.

You Chypre lovers NEED to get your nose on what is being done here. Such a creative spin leaving us with plenty of old school flare.

This is the fragrance that I see Bill Murray wearing, yet I know that’s a BIG statement. But I also know this is BIG Juice. Overall it sits and waits then just constantly gives you quips throughout the wearing that are different and all so amusing.

This is my #funscent

tuberose, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, civet, castoreum, hyraceum, dried fruits, sandalwood, oakmoss
P.S. Having fun with my manual handmade german lens on my camera. The #bokeh is on another level.

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