Cafe Tuberosa Travel Size

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Cafe Tuberosa Travel Size †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Trust me if you can see my curation of fragrances I am not out for compliments.  My collections is very divisive and I am used to my good friends telling me I stink.  I wear fragrances first and foremost for my own well being and state of mind, so it were.

Sometimes perfumes like this one come along and have me take notice, well not just me but those I encounter.  All the same places I usually go bank, stores, the many PDX coffee shops around and for the most part I am just one of those people that don’t get a lot of others talking to me.

So every time I wear a fragrance and in the weirdest of places people go out of there way to say how good I smell I kinda get a little freaked out.  I bought this with the Tauer Attar AT order the funny story post here on my IG and these things couldn’t be more contrasting on how people perceive me.  A study in human sensory if you will. One I can keep my day all to myself. Another I literally had a guy in a crowded little trendy happy hour place hunt the person that had the smell on down.  I was about the last person he asked with a huge grin on my face. He says “it’s you” to which my grin told him enough, but had to add a snarled smile to boot. His surprised face garnered the words “you smell f****** amazing”  Told him what it was knowing he had no clue that I could utter such words out of my mouth. Atelier cafe Tuberosa.

Long story ended this thing is undefeated for me every time I wear and I can’t explain it.  All I know the more I wear softer scents people really notice. My secret told I kinda like them a lot.

Have any of you found that fragrances that you thought you would never like actually work on you and you enjoy?



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