Comparing Roses while we still have this weather

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Comparing Roses while we still have this weather –

One of those things I continue to smell and second guess myself. I have to just sit down and wonder how this got skipped over at the awards show. It is delicate and hidden but. And the but is so good. It is a natural, it is Japanese perfume. Of course I have smelled Di Ser when I first got into this thing because it is all natural but I remember the price vs the market is it justified? Going through what I have gone through to figure out that the word natural is one of the most mis-used terms in perfumery and I come back to the house in awe of the work that is being done.

First off if you sample you should spray this is way to delcat to dab and it’s not what the perfumer intended in the final composition. Second you need to make sure no synthetics are there to ruin this beauty yes your Scentsy’s and your Shampoo. In fact any products that project you will lose the deep experience intended.

Now if you can do this the perfume will give back ten fold and you will pick up so many more notes. It’s personal, it’s intimate. This kind of perfume is about enhancing your life. If your a hugger your perfume will give hugs right back. Just warm friendship touches that will be different throughout the day. This works with your body heat and will be slightly different every time you wear it. At the moment I am in awe of the work being done at the house.

I now know why this sold out before Lucky Scent even had a chance to advertise on there home page.


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