Early Greek, Stumptown Smells, Thomas,

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Early Greek, Stumptown Smells, Thomas, – man with many names and I consider him the “Philosopher of Reviewers”

In what is becoming my most requested post on Instagram I have no problem featuring stellar people. Thomas doesn’t know this but he is one of the first great channels I started watching.

After going through all the YouTube BS of Top Ten everyway that the opposite sex is going to be all over you and you are going to smell better than anything on the planet videos.

I got my first package with Tauer Attar AT ( I had no clue what I was buying, I didn’t know what attar was) I was like that’s a lot of money for perfume. I wore it like perfume and the biggest no no ever. The next two days were maddening. But I still secretly was attracted to the smell. No chance I went anywhere not even to the store. I actually did drive through Starbucks. I’m in Portland and we don’t do Starbucks. We are lucky.

I sit down on YouTube and search does anyone like this and thank goodness this wasn’t in all the convoluted infomercial wannabe stars, but your really the new mall counter workers,(Did I just say that) enters the EARLY GREEK.

I put on his video and the rest is history. What he said on the attar after I wore it, you just knew it was legit. With Thomas you will get a lot of straight forward answers that will make us think how we conduct ourselves as a community or at least myself.

One of the best guys I have met in person in this circle. And he keeps it real like no one else in the game. Listen to his wisdom while he breaks down some of the meanest and coolest perfumes on earth.

A highlight for me is his view on wearing perfume. As I get more and more in my collection his words ring in my ear. I buy this to wear it and wear it I will!

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