Ensar Oud Crime and Punishment: Thoughts on buying blind, owning, and how it’s marketed. A Talk

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Ensar Oud Crime and Punishment

Not my usual style just something I had to get off my chest.  $800 is a lot to ask to spend for another improved perfume. I am doing things differently now and have stuck to this commitment ever since being on the fragrance journey.  The old me would of went out and sold EO2 to some unaware buyer and then upgraded to this.

This is my problem I have with this kind of marketing.  A perfume composition should be like a grand music composition.  Done completed given to the world to judge. I am sure they could go add more improvements, but instead move on to compose new music.  So instead I give my reasons of a small protest. I will smell if I can get a small sample and I’m sure I will from someone, but it will have to be a significant change which if it’s heavy musk I just don’t see it as the dry down is six hours alone of this beautiful stuff.  I have gotten for spare use at $16 an ML. It’s alarming that his life’s masterpiece needed improvement over such a short time to me. Is actually raising flags about other compositions as well. EO1 had a huge improvement made to it also. I do applaud improvement there should be significant composition changes as well to justify it.

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