Ensar Oud Encens Royale 1985 Review

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Like name says this is from 1985 Chinese Oud Finally a clean barnyard right out of the gate. Not fecile lot’s of hay. Even hay bails being thrown around and taking a ride on a tractor while sitting on top of hay. A dry ocean scent with it from the top. Right into the wearing the dry oceanic feel you start to put your feet into the ocean and this baby gets wet. It’s slow just like you would at the beach on a 60 degree day. Where you play around with getting a foot wet and then the next. All of a sudden the waves come up to your shins and you are loving it. Then you go a little further trying not to get those pulled up clothes wet and securing your phone. Yeah this oud starts becoming wet like that with the hay surrounding the sand castle you built yeah the hay is all around that for you to sit on and have your leather jacket warm you up. Know your feeling what this oud is all about, take a whiff of the surrounding area and this thing is majestically on my skin as I type these living words. One oil everyone doing this, AMAZING!!! Reminds me of horse stables growing up. WORKOUT: Somehow you start a fire and a smoke happens on it. Black leather turning into incense.

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