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@ensar.oud – EO NO. 2

Musky Musk Musk.  Here we go y’all this is the real deal hair and musk residue float in the bottle there.  This is Pure Parfum Dark Dark juice. I tried to up the exposure so much and could barely get any transparency.  You can see some on the bottom.

This is not a first timers perfume, this is not a first time into niche perfume, this is not a collector’s perfume.  At this price point you must know you love musk and what musk can be. This is #Animalic #Musk with a #sillage that is unmistakable.  I love daring bold natural #scents and this is taking me to my limits as far as getting used to all that it becomes on your skin. I know a lot of women that love musk so when I say this is 100% masculine please don’t get offended.  But this is 100% masculine to date I haven’t said that about any other fragrance. (I believe all scents are unisex) #Masculine in a way that you put this on for the meaningful things in life. A mature scent that reflects great accomplishment.  I have worn this four times and they are all carefully planned. This is a fragrance that I just don’t put on. This means something to me and I am reflecting something in my life or giving of myself in some way in life. If that makes any since.

I am so happy to have this masterpiece in my collection.  As you can see no expense was spared to put this in a collection.  There is the extraordinary #leather satchel made by a master who is known to do binding work on the Pope’s Bible.  Wood cap and thick square bottle.

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