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EO2 Ensar Oud Review and Score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


Don’t wait: Collection Worthy

Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Jesus Christ

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Ensar Oud


Price Per Millileter

795 100ML

Perfume Classification

Pure Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

1 - 12

Fragrance Overview

Musky Musk Musk.  Here we go, y’all.  This is the real deal.  Hair and musk residue float in the bottle.  This is pure parfum.  Dark, dark juice.  I tried to up the exposure so much and still could barely get any transparency in the juice.  You can see some on the bottom. This is not a first-timer’s perfume.  This is not a first-time-into-niche perfume.  This is not a collector’s perfume.  At this price point, you must know you love musk and what musk can be.  This is animalic, with a sillage that is unmistakable.  I love daring, bold, natural scents, and this is taking me to my limits as far as getting used to all that it becomes on your skin.  I know a lot of women that love musk, so when I say this is 100% masculine, please don’t get offended.  But this is 100% masculine.  To date, I haven’t said that about any other fragrance.  (I believe most scents are unisex.)  This is masculine in a way that you put this on to celebrate and later remember the meaningful things in life, a reminder to be a better man.  This is a mature scent that reflects great accomplishment.  I have worn this four times, and each time was carefully planned.  This is a fragrance that I just don’t put on casually.  This means something to me, and I am reflecting something in my life or giving of myself in some way in life, if that makes any sense. I am so happy to have this masterpiece in my collection.  As you can see, no expense was spared to put this in a collection.  There is the extraordinary leather satchel made by a master who is known to do binding work on the Pope’s Bible.  A thick square bottle is topped with a wood cap.

Fragrance Review

I wore this last night on a special night and asked three gentlemen their thoughts about it.  They had never smelled anything like it and wanted to know where to buy it.  We didn't get into that (or the cost).  I can't describe how personal this wearing is.  It's deep, personal, and indescribable. They all threw their heads back, not comprehending how this scent could be so powerful.  It invokes something human.  They were in a special place.  I have seen that AHA moment many times with fragrance, but none more so than wearing this musk.  I know I get excited, but this isn't about posturing, being pretty,   or perfection; this is about an absolute experience wrapping you up and making you want to be a better person in this world.  These words do no justice to a wearing of this stuff.  It becomes a part of you................... Each and every time, it becomes a bigger part................. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for where the ingredients were sourced. It's kind of like walking into who you were born to be.  This is what Aragon smelled like coming out of the boat. 795 50ML Pure Parfum with musk hair Ensar Oud Vegans, please avoid this review.  I mean to offend no one. This contains real musk from animals 90m/10f Sour, spicy red-green roses, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, lime-bergamot, leather, labdanum amber, civet, animalis, cedar, smoky woods, styrax, licorice-y Tolu balsam, AND genuine ethically and legally sourced deer musk.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Ensar Oud
Perfumer:Ensar Oud
Fragrance Family:Oriental Musk
Classification:Pure Parfum
Pricing:$7.95/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart


& O.G. Factors
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 22/25
& Price per ML


TOP: 7/10
HEART: 5/5
BASE: 10/10


“Collection Worthy!!!”


  1. Thank you. Seeing and hearing you speak about EO2 was an rapturous experience for me. Very strong emotions set free. Reminded me about Carl Rogers and how communication if authentic is always healing. Happy Easter! from north Thailand.

  2. Cool landing!
    I checked out the No 1 from your earlier mention. Looks good. I’m not a huge fan of musk either ???? but a lot of the other notes of No 2 look good. Wish they had different names ????
    Happy Resurrection Sunday. ???????????? Your thoughtful wearing of this scent will give you such special memories. I like planning out my special scents, too.

    1. Thanks for commenting Amy. Ensar should call them by names. I think three is all about Iris which I was staying away from, but just this week I really found a couple compositions that were outstanding featuring the note. One with espresso and Iris, it is good. Hope you and yours had a great day.

    1. JUST FYI Daniel San! I have just found a vegan musk scent that is actually quite nice. Far as I know only two houses are using it. Will be featuring it on channel and let you know. I am in Portland so I get all the sensitivity around these things and respect people's choices. And have many friends that do not believe in wearing musk. It's a very personal decision.

  3. I'm Siberian and Yukon native and I feel like musk runs through my veins,its been apart of our Russian heritage for a thousand years in fact my great ×3 grandfather created a mixture for Tzar Nicholas for his 12th birthday, this is documented and when I learned of this I started buying several brands of true deer musk attar and edp, I'm a true fan such as yourself. Great video!

    1. WOW! That is a great musk heritage. Are there other perfumers in family history. Curious if any compositions were handed down. I have also acquired small amounts of tincture from sources testing it out. I might try to tincture myself also.

  4. Take about Passion on Resurrection Sunday. One of the best ever presentations. I just ordered my decant of EO no. 1 yesterday. I can easily understand why the Perfume Houses want to keep this wonderful element out of perfumery. Thanks for giving m a new fragrance journey. BTW. your suggestion gave me the way to get the 0 mil decant of TigerLust. Oh. bet you cant top this video this coming year?

  5. Hi Brandon!! Wow, what a review!!!! I am seriously thinking getting a bottle of this. You bought me completely, I just want to ask what do you think now, after year and a half, after you tried so many other things in a meantime… of this perfume? Are your thought & emotions the same? Or, something changed? If yes, in what way?

  6. I absolutely loved this stuff. Please check out Tigerlust pure perfume review. It is all of this plus eo1. I am set on my musk perfume LOL. Half of the wearing on both is all about the musk drying down on you.

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