Etruscan Water Francesca Bianchi

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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Etruscan Water Francesca Bianchi

OOOPS!  I listened to too many people who received free samples before the official release online.  This is rule number one I have taught others not to do and I fell into the oldest internet hype of all time.

I am really hoping this does not just become something I plead to layer with just to control it.  I wish perfumers would put exact synthetics they use in there fragrances and I could avoid this. I am now thinking it is tonalide my skin has a reaction with. (still researching) Anyways I have a couple ingredients that flat out blow up on my skin and take over everything that is there.  They choke me out and everyone around me. I have now smelt this reaction on other people as I am madly reverse engineering the exact ingredients. This is why I purchase my own stuff so I don’t have to be a cheerleader for brands.

Okay enough hating on the fragrance a lot of people will like this, particularly people who like the fresh category.  This is what you will turn to, to let people know you have become your own adult.

This is the next level to aqua scents that add a ton of sophistication, intrigue, and yes a powerful fresh that a lot of people love.

I want to be clear above this is my skin reaction I just need clarity on ingredients and I wouldn’t bother, other than that this house is doing creative stuff that my chanels are a 100% behind.  I have one of the happiest accidents that also came from this same order coming up. Just like to get this out of the way. As always I am here in this community to be raw and honest. Not here to cheerlead.  Let’s all push this thing we call perfume forward in a way to enhance our lives.







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