Feel Oud Infinity

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This ladies and gentlemen is one of the finest out of the bottle sniffs I own. This hits me on every level on my oud journey. This is as metallic and aquatic as it gets right from the bottle. Very medicinal with those two notes as Kings. What a name like sitting in an infinity pool over looking the ocean off of a forest cliff. Oh yeah and that pool is made out of metal. A metallic oceanic wonder Hands down what crisp scent. A very medicinal sniff. This sniff is so good I would be terrified mixing this with any other ingredients. 2 hours in a nice leather jacket smell. Very soft and clean. Very soft kinda cashmeric leather. Some very animalic florals pop up leaning very Jasmine very clear, crisp, and strong sniffs. This is an excellent oud to enjoy the top of by itself and use as a layering oud later in the day. I tried it with Hiram Green and they danced so well off of my skin dipping and turning every whiff. The dry down turn into barnyard hay a nice backwards effect. This is a very long lasting oud that dies down very nicely like a two percent grade into the evening. WORKOUT: Turned into a leather petrol wonder. Heated right up with me.

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