Fougère Aromatique Eau de Toilette The Barbershop Fresh Cut scent

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Fougère Aromatique Eau de Toilette
The Barbershop Fresh Cut scent
I have those couple of time coming out of haircut feeling like the man. The cut is perfect, you can feel the change of air against your head. The style is better than anything I could ever do. Everything is sharp crisp and on point. I have a fresh cut and ready to get **** done. Putting on this fragrance brings me instantly to these days.

I have heard so many people say this smell like barbershop, well news for anyone that has said that or got that sense from a fragrance (me included). This is the BARBERSHOP. It’s refined, it’s cooling, and seductive. It sits on the skin just right not a heavy projector, but undoubtedly there. I would even go on to say if fragrances have accents this has a British accent from a barbershop.
This is not an everyday wear, just like you don’t get your haircut everyday there are just times you want this edge in your day.

Anyone who has followed me for sometime knows I am an absolute sucker for color and yes that is the color of the juice not painted on black, that is the color. Welcome the darkest juice I have in my collection.

Some Notes: lime, cardamom, and thyme. The rest of the skeleton is constructed around geranium, clary sage absolute, violet leaf, and various other natural oils
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