My First Chanel! Chanel cuir de russie + Fragrance Talk w Kristo Part 1 Interview with Krtopher Maves from YouTube channel BetawiBlood

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Fragrance Interview with a Fragrance Reviewer who has been doing this for quite a long time.

Just one of the benefits I have had by having a channel.  Getting to meet superstars like this. His nose is truly special even though he’ll never admit it.  Watching him go through over fifty perfumes and gain knowledge was mind blowing. As an enthusiast these are the people you look forward to getting a chance to be around.  I took advantage as much as I could. 

It was happenstance later this evening we got to attend a Vintage fragrance meetup.  I have a post over on Instagram about it. Super spontaneous encounter of a rock star.  Thank You Kristo.

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