Oud is Perfume: Ensar Oud – The Battle of the Czars Czar Ceylon Part 1

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Addictiveness 8/10 Projection and Silage 6/10 (Stays with you) A Sri Lankan Oud that was cooked at very high heat to distill the oil Consistency – I came up with blood very drips watch out with the dipstick on this one. A very black dirt look in the oil runs down your skin before you rub it in. From the bottle – Smoky and Woody Projection and Silage – Decent especially in wind Longevity – Not as long as others on my skin after 5 hours this really dies down and turns faint After applying enter the aqua zone and the smoke fades like a beach bonfire into the ocean air. Very oudy for the first hour that medicinal oudiness without zero barnyard. Think ocean animalic oudiness. I do get the Eucalyptus from this one. If your use to that medicinal oudy smell yeah add the ocean and eucalyptus in there. I pick up an ambergris profile to it not a sweet one but definitely that nice ambergris musk. It’s kinda wet and dry at the same time if that makes sense. A dry cedar comes through just like smelling straight up cedar plank. But the wet aquatic is also held through the whiff. Man this oud puts me on the west coast. A nice overcast morning jogging the beach and taking a long walk back being able to contemplate life and where you are currently at. Yeah this takes me there. The Middle – goes very leathery on top and aquatics go to the background. Finish – Leather, leather, leather. I used to have a really nice citizen leather band watch. THis leather smell reminds me a lot like that watch. So funny how oud always evokes memory. If you study the science of our sense of smell to the brain it connects directly to it. I thinks ouds just magnify this. Abra cadabra and it is gone. I’m sitting at home enjoying a sniff every once in awhile and without fade or warning it is gone. Smelling my wrist with the deepest of smells can I only tell there was once oud there. BATTLE: Dirtier more leather punch more of the badboy Czar There is 3 variations going on here for me. I would recommend applying a couple times on different spots to really get an explosion from this oud.

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