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Siberian Summer Areej Le Dore Collection 5 Perfume Review and Score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Woody Harrelson

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Russian Adam


Price Per Millileter

150 30ML

Perfume Classification

Extrait de Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

One to Seven Sprays

150 30ml $5 Adam’s cheapest Russian Adam Extrait de Parfum 30ml Musky, foresty chypre perfume with a fresh and cooling twist. Top notes: Camphor, Bergamot, Lime, Birch Tar, and Fir Balsam Heart notes: Champaka, Jasmine, and Galbanum Base notes: Russian Cedar Resin, Vanilla, Vetiver, Synthetic Musk, Amber Resin, and Oakmoss Siberian and Russian musk perfumes often represent an iconic inhabitant of their region: the musk deer. Foresty and warm, those blends are more suited to being enjoyed during the chill of winter. The story of Siberian Summer tells a familiar tale… but one that is revealed in a unique way. This composition pays homage to summers in Siberia, Russia, which are unlike anywhere else in the world.   Siberian Summer dawns with fresh and brisk camphoric bergamot, Smoky birch tar lingering in the cool air, Shafts of crystal clear rays of sunlight streaming through pine needles.   Rapidly, sunny heart notes build up strength and radiate through. Champaka, brightly shining and sweet, gently exposes its fruity, fresh character. Piercing sambac jasmine blooms with a sharper sweetness. Sticky galbanum adds just the right amount of deep greenness to the heart. All these notes harmonize to create the effect of a symphonic explosion of sunshine.   Synthetic deer musk provides a good deal of dry, animalic essence to the base, but is free of an intensity that some may find overwhelming, especially in hot and humid climes. Dry muskiness melts into rich and smoky, sour amber resin. Oakmoss adds a cool, forest floor effect, perfectly sealing the deal for this invigorating, bright and shining composition.   Siberian Summer is a stunning chypre perfume, yet some find it challenging. Those who do enjoy it often save it for winter or special, cool evening events. In contrast, this composition is an everyday, signature scent that is ideal for warmer weather… or anytime one wishes to reminisce on the glorious elements of an exhilarating, sunny, Siberian Summer.

Fragrance Quick Story

I personally don’t get the summer part in the fragrance.  Maybe it’s my lack of experience with Eastern perfumery, but the musky drydown is not something I would personally equate to summer. There is an AJD familiarity to the fragrance, with vibes of Russian Musk and Siberian Musk.  Make no mistake; those it is not. Those are in a different classification for me, especially Russian Musk.  I am glad he didn’t carry the name “musk” on this one in the collection. I see this as a starting point for Areej Le Dore, which is needed.  But for why I collect from the house, this one is not for me. I really appreciate Adam making an animal-cruelty-free concoction, as a lot of people feel they are missing out on the house because of their beliefs, and I now have somewhere to point them.

Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfume’s Notes

On the opening after three wearings, I just can’t shake it.  I get a cleaner vibe, that citrus wood cleaner. When I was young, my job every weekend was dusting at my grandparents’ with the waxy cleaner I used too much of, but got the job done.  Loved the smell as a kid, but I can’t shake the memory here. You instantly get the sharp punch of citrus, backed by the classic Areej musk that is in other creations.  I get the smoky birch and camphor, but it’s just way too soft and linear for me. In fact, after the citrus blasts wear into the perfume, I didn’t detect any strong transitions.  It became a pretty static wearing of something that smells nice. The oakmoss comes through very nicely and sweet touches flow from vanilla in a light-handed touch. I can see the cedar resin there and want more of it.  Would be curious to see how this plays with real musk in the future. Overall, you are getting toned-down liner tastes of Russian and Siberian musks.  Both of those are different, but you can feel all three are from the same house, and it looks like a staple to look forward to in every collection, as it should be; a chypre is an all-time classic. I finally have something to point out to animal-friendly connoisseurs, and I think that’s the real intent here.  I do think it’s a must for the brand, as he is seeing tremendous success, and I am glad to be along for the ride. do think it’s a must for the brand as he is seeing tremendous success and I am glad to be along for the ride.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Areej Le Dore
Perfumer:Russian Adam
Fragrance Family:Chypre
Classification:Extrait de Parfum
Pricing:$5.00/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Siberian Summer

Experience 11/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 16/5
Composition 18/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 4/10
HEART: 7/5
BASE: 4/10


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  1. Checked my email- looks like 12 Noon PST…
    A very helpful feature for these reviews is placing the name of the perfume on the screen the entire time you are reviewing-see Wafts From the Loft.

    1. Wafts from the Loft put the name up because they usually talk about multiple fragrances in the same video. Bran usually dedicates the whole video to one fragrance only and you can see the name of said fragrance in the title of the video which should clarify any confusions.

  2. Well, not everything because war & peace is sold out. Russian Adam just posted a video about it on areej le dore's YouTube channel . Still waiting for my war & peace and sample pack because DHL screwed up . Are you going to get anything from slumberhouse? Josh is relaunching some of his old compositions in the next couple of days

    1. Anyone looking to try War and Peace still can from what I understand. I believe samples will be available tomorrow. 1ml goes a long way with an extrait. I want to try Jeke but won't blind buy. Really don't see value in juice for what's on market at that price point.

    2. Looks like some of the hard coverage I put on Slumberhouse Instagram and here had him lower prices. Glad to see that and will report in next video. Now I must get my hands on Jeke. Been wanting for awhile.

  3. I thought Ottoman Empire did not contain any animal ingredients either. Maybe I'm wrong?
    I think most people who are against animal cruelty will avoid houses (as a whole) that sell perfumes with animal products. At least that's what i understood from talking to people with those beliefs.

    1. Not mentioned clearly in marketing of Ottoman empire if or if not animal products are used, so I would never direct someone to the perfume. Again not here for the debate on animal products. Your line of thinking opens up a whole lot of questions because companies that own one brand, also own many many others just because one of there owned companies is cruelty free doesn't mean another one that the same company own's is. Just a thought again I am not hear for that.

      I will point people who care about such things to these Areej perfumes as they are still superior ingredients as to what they are already wearing. I only mention it in reviews as it is clearly documented from Areej Le Dore. I would say it's up to the individual and never clump anyone into a group.

    1. Some of the best advice I would give myself if you love something go for that one. I have many every time I put them on they are just stuff I love wearing. That's the most important over everything else. This perfume is one that will only age better and better also.

  4. I finally got to smell this yesterday. Not enough to spray it on and wear it, but enough to swipe it on the wrist and get an idea of what its like. Smelled pretty nice!

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance that makes perfect sense. And now I understand better about the way you broke down the 6th collection as well. Similar happened with agar de noir right? Really good, just you already have oud luwak and russian oud and AdN is somewhere in between?

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