Slumberhouse Baque

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I didn’t plan it, but said in a video that this was my fragrance to walk a city in. So I did it. I got absolutely soaked lightning bolts abound. So much so both airports got shutdown the entire night. Not only was I drenched in rain, but seven full sprays of Baque. No I didn’t plan to get soaked and take one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. (In the middle of the adventure I was desperately asked to take an engagement photo in the heart of the city, this mini adventure is it’s whole entire story). We head out on an easy 1.7 mile walk. Only to start a pour in the middle of it. Diving into a sushi restaurant for escape the rain, there was no let up. I use my first Uber and had no idea Uber pool was different from Uber. We finally find our driver blocks down on the North east corner of busy Chicago intersection, not NW corner, ugggh. Not to mention the huge black spider crawling on me under an awning.
Now at the mercy of many stops and new people to share a ride with. The driver slouched back all cool with tunes was very understandable of us being soaked and knew this was the norm for the rest of his night. We make it to one of my favorite coffee houses in the world for chai and cappuccino. (The next ninety minutes the mini adventure to the metal bean happens, another post.) We leave from coffee for a mile walk to a restaurant on the same road through the heart of Magnificent Mile.

One of the best dinners ever we head back in the pouring rain for a three mile walk. He agreed to it, not knowing how much I thoroughly love this stuff. It’s like we had the city to ourselves with a light show a night I will never forget, that will be pulled up everytime I wear Baque again. It’s one of those perfumes I use for adventuring.

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