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What a gem of a find for me. Heard of this house? They build each fragrance around tea. The fragrances are long lasting smell like each of the tea varietal and yummy. I have been through the entire house and this is good perfume. You can buy incense and actual tea bags to really heighten your daily experience.
YouTube Review:

This is the second time I see this licorice base from the company and it works even better for me here.

Remember this is opinion only, but it’s like there reading my mind.  I found this house by actually typing in a couple of my favorite combos in perfumery.  I know the sound of wearing tea seems weird, but I bet the first person to wear civet, castoreum, or genuine musk, well that had to be considered out there or just straight up a warrior nobody messed with and everyone wanted to be like.  Anybody out there now how to get killer pepper notes in perfume without all the capsicum. Pepper and tea now were talking some of my favorite notes in food and Perfumery. And yes I got the whole pepper spectrum from Bell to Pepper X.

Dry down:  This becomes quite resinous and the labdanum kind of over powers the red pepper.  The tea stays throughout the fragrance which is a major plus for me. I love labdanum and Oolong Tea with that yes please.

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