Tauer Attar AT Funny Story Time

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Tauer Attar AT Funny Story Time
One hundredth post and time to get real. So this was the first perfume I blind bought. Outside of my yearly Imaginary Authors bottle, there in Portland at a local Christmas show and it’s just convenient and became a thing for the last six year. Enough about IA, this is about my fumbles. So I read the notes and for some reason out of everything pick this to buy I think it was on a top list on luckyscent or something like that. My first Tauer, my first intro into this whole thing.
I get this bottle and I’m like man perfume is expensive what’s in there this is a small bottle I had not idea what ML’s were before this I just bought bottles and literally my collection was IA, Loccitane, and Aveda. And some teenage bottles I have that I hold onto for dear life. I open this thing and for the life of me it is so hard to get out. No sprayer I thought that was a thing. I finally get drops out and applied like a splash cologne.
Biggest mistake ever, for the next day I was in hiding. I can’t describe the gasoline tar smell breathing from my body blowing up my entire house. I was embarrassed how I smelled. (I know am kinda drawn to that strength) This was my introduction to any perfume that was like this I was used to roses, violets, strawberried, clean clean woods. Who the heck who do this to there body.
Next day I read away everything on this. Found out what this was, this is how I found @earlygreek and showed you dip a toothpick in and only apply barely any thus the 5ml. (Andy you should include an applicator with this now that I feel I am somewhat experienced in this world, or better bottle) Here’s to learning from others.
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