The Thereapeutic Fragrance Journey 19 Reasons for 2019

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HAPPY NEW YEAR ????????????
19 Reasons for 2019

The Reason list is back what started this all off a year ago.

The Journey Continues

People thought my channel was going to be based around reasons for perfume because this was my first video I did the 18 reasons. I did want to be unique and I have reasons for buying everything I thought it was a great fit for me. So I did continue the reasons in most of my reviews that is the why section. I have come up with some unique why’s that I use and others have told me they need to start using. Some include and some of my favorite perfume don’t last that long and I love it, because I am always changing it up.

The happy hour fragrance
The Morning commute fragrance
The Creative fragrance, my most used I use fragrances when I am designing and doing business strategy all the time
People did this one and have social media accounts dedicated to it, but I use it the reading fragrance.
One of the best the vacation fragrance no not while on vacation, but to escape the grey dreary days of the northwest. A little tako to tao and I Im on an island in SE Asia.

Those are just some that have been included on the channel and without further ado my 19 reasons for 2019 picture above and can be fully heard out on YouTube.

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