The Top 5 Florals By Areej Le Dore Malik Al Taif

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Floral 3 of 5
Top five florals review here:

This is the perfume that taught me I don’t know a thing about rose.  I decided to take off my critiquing hat and basque in a whole new olfactory wonder of this stunning flower.  Why it my city is named after it and it has so many powerful nuances. This really flower really does show off the power of a person and give an authentic note that is different in every color and varietal.
40% rose what; 40% rose what; 40% rose.  Not just any rose, but the taif rose hand picked by the most delicate of hands in the most perfect time of day.  He doesn’t have to give these descriptions, but goes the way of transparency versus hiding everything under the term fragrance.


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