The Top 5 Florals By Areej Le Dore

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Top five florals Review here:

After over five hundred samples on my self induced composition study. Many trips to perfume counters and way to many testing strips. I didn’t plan it this way. I didn’t think I would know a man called Russian Adam. I have many close Russian friends none of them put Russian in front of their first name. After the storm he has caused in last couple of years maybe they should for their own business. Everything he touches is gold to this point. I went to make a spring list and couldn’t take one of these off and reflected on how much each one of these has educated me deeply in Perfumery. From what florals actually smell like and how many different aspects they have. They can be top, heat, or a base. Clean, fruity, indolic, narcotic, animalic, did I mention floral.

There are many more houses I will talk about like this, but this was my education on the family of florals. They are a very personal wearing not for the mass public, but it’s my journey and so far I’m sharing the best juice I have found that transports you to where the ingredients come from.

Flux de Fleur already has a post so just did the family.


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