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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Peach is a favorite note of goodness that is rice in nuance. It is dark and bright at the same time. As this fruit comes into season I am drawn to my fragrances with the note. Mostly noticed for rich dark compositions usually paired with boozy notes. This time we get to have it paired with what is quickly becoming one of the best secret aides in fragrances the “frassaide”. If you haven’t put your nose on any at least I can say I told you to here. One of the biggest surprises in my short journey thus far is that I actually like fragrances that were not supposed to be unisex. And these are the ones I actually get complimented on.
Half the time I can’t help myself and have to pair this with a nice thai oud and like Emeril says “take it up a notch”. It more than stands on it’s own and transitions like a professional. The drydown leaves you with the Frassai touch, but the opening and heart, well those are to be had yourself. It’s a rich elixir of love that puts your mind in a great place every time you wear.
It’s notes look very oriental and it has some of that flare, but it’s not like anything you have tried before. It has a bright side in the sillage that holds it’s own accord of scent. The peach is the star for me with every other ingredient showing off the fruits many nuances and greatness in fragrance. Not quite a “peach bomb” but Georgia would be proud. I know have to think really hard if I want to go Kiste or Tian Di when going for peach. So far Tian Di has been winning.
Secret: I think peach is my favorite fruit note. What’s yours?
Ginger, Galbanum, Star Anise
Olibanum, Peach Elixir, Red Chrysanthemum, Orris
Sandalwood, Chinese Incense, Tonkin Musk .

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