Top 19 Reasons For Fragrances in 2019 Actually 20 Reasons for Perfume; Happy New Years !

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19 Reasons For 2019

19 Reasons for Perfume in 2019

People thought my channel was going to be based on reasons to wear perfume because this was my first video I did, the 18 reasons for perfume. I did want to be unique, and I have reasons for buying everything, so I thought it was a great fit for me. I did continue the “reasons why” in most of my reviews in the “why” section. I have come up with some unique reasons why one should wear fragrance, and other reviewers have told me they want to start adding that aspect to their reviews. One reason to wear a specific fragrance might be because it doesn’t last long, because you want to be able to change your fragrance in the evening, even if you loved the scent of the morning. I do this a lot, because I am always changing it up.

There are many specific reasons I wear certain perfumes. I have the happy hour fragrance,

the morning commute fragrance, and the creative fragrance, which is my most used category. I use fragrances when I am designing and doing business strategy all the time. There are social media accounts dedicated to this category: the reading fragrance. This creates the perfect atmosphere for letting your mind enter a specific setting. One of my favorite fragrance reasons category is the vacation fragrance. This isn’t for wearing on vacation but to escape the grey, dreary days of the Northwest. After a little Toukka Ta Tao, I am on an island in Southeast Asia.

Those are just some reasons that have been included on the channel and, without further ado, here are my 19 “reasons” for perfume in 2019. 

Auphorie – No. 15

This was the time I fell in love with orris. I smelled it maybe for the first time in this strength. My day changed, my mood changed, and my whole journey changed. The rest of the day was spent researching the power of this ingredient. It hit my nose and kept having depth and purity, like you knew you were intaking something very healthy for the body.

Areej La Dore – Russian Oud

This is the one I had to have, and I found it. I detailed that story in the review, but it is an olfactory experience that I never knew I had to have.

Ensar Oud – E02

More memories are locked in.

Bortnikoff – L’huere Exquise

This is boundary pushing. This is sweeter.

Pryn Parfum – Aksum

This is what is possible when there is no box.

Mendittorosa – Le Mat

This is what an accord can do when paired perfectly to a note.

Rasei Fort – Kolonya

This brings back memories of my childhood with my grandpa. He was like a father to me, if a father gave you everything you wanted and made you think you could achieve anything in this world. This scent is priceless to me.

Hiram Green – Hyde

This proves that naturals don’t have to be boring, without longevity or projection.

Laura Biagiotti – Uomo III

This is a classic that was pushing the boundaries—just read the notes list from back in the day.  If only companies would have continued being original. Check out these notes from 1993. Top notes are orange, mahogany, coriander, lavender, vodka, sage, and lemon; middle notes are jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, and cedar. I wish I had bought this instead of Eternity or Obsession for my senior year of high school.


It continues to blow my mind how much peace oud brings to me in addition to healing benefits. This was the first year ever living here in the Northwest without having to use allergy medicines. It was an accidental experiment. I had sneezing attacks but was able to get through them.

Bogue – MEM

Exploration of a Material

This displays the possibilities of one ingredient and the many aspects it has to offer.

Ave Parfum 

New Friends That Don’t Force Their Views

Ave Parfum challenges my ethical views with positive discussion and still gets along with me when I don’t go along with every view. Ave Parfum sticks to ethical choices over profit and has curated one of the best stores I know of. I got a sample of: Out of This World by Marina Barcinella. She is teaching through scent. This is probably the most inspirational uses of perfume I have seen. I hope there is much more attention put on this scent.

Slumberhouse – Grev

The “Be Cool” Fragrance

I didn’t know that a freshy could be so explosive. This is dialed back Slumberhouse love and simply a very cool fragrance.

Sylvaine Delacourte – Valkyrie 

Sylvaine Delacourte builds unique base accords that build her house. If you are hunting for the perfect vanilla, check out Valkyrie.

Abel – Golden Neroli

This brings me into a new category: the “barely out of bed” fragrance. Put it on, get some coffee, and smell fresh. Works well with almost any fragrance I would choose to add later. I’m fully ready after the gym, after school drop off, after making it to work. You get my drift.

Scent Salim Perfume Shop

Good and bad, this was a big order that taught me the quality of distillers and solidified the relationships I was making when buying oud. I have both a lot of bad stuff from this order and a lot of excellent stuff. This was my biggest education in my journey, so I never look at it as money wasted.

Rogue – Chypre Siam

What Ifra is trying to take away he gives us back.  This is what perfume was meant to smell like. It’s the middle balance of not having extreme expensive base layer ingredients and aroma chemicals that get the job done.  This is what perfume used to smell like.

Hans Hendley- Bourbon EdC

Perfume doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be unique and smell great.  One of the great American perfumers that I have talked to back and forth. This creation is something else.  While I want to put Bloodline here (which is the absolute best cedar I have put my nose on), I don’t have a bottle and can only hope another distillation can match what’s in Bloodline. This is your easter egg. If Bloodline is released again, run and do whatever it takes to get a bottle. This is the fight-Chuck-Norris-for-a-bottle scent. But Bourbon EdC holds its own. It is a scent that rings true to me and is mass pleasing at the same time. This EdC version of the previous Bourbon can be worn anytime, anywhere, and is my signature scent at the moment. It is barely a month old, but I’ve already gone through a lot.

House of Matriarch – Toukka Ta Tao 

Like I said at the top of the video, here is to having a vacation in a normal day through scent. This is a mode of transportation for me to the Pacific Islands, or even Hawaii. Timmy should get more credit for this. I hope collabs from houses take note and build up better linking between collabs. I think it is an excellent thing that shouldn’t get weird. Collabs should be natural and easy, in my opinion.

Here’s a bonus (as always with Therapeutic Fragrance, you get a bonus): this was written before I even knew this was happening. A tighter-kept secret than a new Apple release was the release date and details from Peter of Fragrance View’s brand release, Centauri Perfumes. I recently got Dendera. This is the fruition of following it from inception. A lot of people talk the talk, but to get a finished product was awesome. Check out the unboxing video for further details.

Everyone, here is to making better memories in 2020 and becoming better people. Happy New Year. The journey continues.

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