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Fragrance Case

i.e. Buying or Picking an Alternative or staying away

Wear & Why?
Daytime, Nighttime, On the Run, Bedtime, Date
Personal, Celebrity, Biblica, or Songl
Multiple times a day, One or two dabs

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Videos on Therapeutic Fragrance and the benefits that fragrances bring to our lives. FLEUR SAUVAGE Tuberose opens this up singularity owning the show. The jasmine will not be outdone and shows up to the dance. Two sisters one acts like she super sweet and nice and the other really doesn’t care what you think, but both are show offs. I mean compared to just buying the oils and doing it yourself that is expensive unless you get it right on first time. They are using lovely jasmine and tuberose that work very well together. For me I would rather buy the oils myself obviously. But without going through the hassle and ending up with cheapened ingredients even from ebay or a perfume supply house this is for you. This is a very nice floral combo. Must love tuberose. Flori d’ Arancio Tangerine is decent, think I like their choice of bergamont a lot better. Tangerine and orange blossoms is smart as it is suggestive and that always plays nice from ear to nose. Really appreciate the vanilla, this is a nice vanilla compared the plethora of vanilla I have had to smell lately. This dries down powdery, not bad just not my favorite. Touch of citrus opening, Looked at notes it is a lime. very nice woods in this one. People who know me probably know that I wanted to try this the most. They suggest layering, but at 10 an ML don’t know if I’m going to buy two. Why can’t they put the tuberose and jasmine in here, now were talking some composition. Kesu Okay enough with what I want to do, what this is. These are high end oil, top notch ingredients that don’t scream. You can smell the quality of oil and choices that went into this one. Expensive ingredients can be smelled tasted touched heard our senses know. You can smell the purity of the woods in these. I think it’s cedar, definitely not a sandalwood im used to. A Jasmine animalic maybe, something of that nature is there. This is by far my favorite. I have fresh ambers from Scent Salim and a couple other places they are using this quality. The amber is faded. There was some time taken on this one to put it together. The top fades perfectly into a heart A touch of oriental is playing around in dry down this does have three phase. Kizes Bergamont is very nice. Tuberose smells like the same tuberose from Fleur Sauvage. It is addicting smelling this bergamot and tuberose. Did I mention Tuberose is my favorite. Within thirty minutes citrus is gone and tuberose is rather faint. Not my favorite, will get back to drydown. The citrus just killed the jasmine and tuberose for me on my skin. Lime has held on through an hour very nice. Goes into creamsicle for me in drydown. These are basically what is described. Nothing of master compositions going on. They are using some very good oils. To you that like mixed media this house is a perfect house to layer with. These are oils and can make your favorite perfume last longer. It was a cold day when these oils arrived at my doorstep. There were solids that needed to be heated to liquify. That’s a great sign. So they offer oils keep that in mind not perfume. I love layering with oil, but at these prices it’s hard These are pretty expensive at this point I would want to know specifics about ingredients that make them extra special. Don’t get me wrong they smell high quality, but I have organic patchouli from India that smells really good for a fraction of the price. At this point I don’t see a perfumers touch on these. That being said the ingredients are exceptional and you can tell from your nose right away.

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