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Santal Galore by Areej Le Dore

by Therapeutic Fragrance


Legendary: Stock For Life

Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Chuck Norris

Where? I Use the Fragrance


When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance

Daytime, Signature Scent, 350


Russian Adam



2 Feet or More



8 Hours or More


Short Tailed

How? I Apply the Fragrance

1-3 Sprays

In my college years, I had Indonesian and Malaysian friends that would always light up with a big smile whenever durian was mentioned. My first experience with it was kicking them out of the dorm for bringing in what smelled worse than rotten fruit. The last time I had smelled something that fowl was changing a baby’s diaper. Fast forward, as my palette evolved, I started drinking durian smoothies and could never pick up the extreme foul smell of the real fruit. It was actually a beautiful grungy jungle green sweet smell. That is what gets accomplished on the top of this. I shared my thoughts with Russian Adam on the very first day I got the package. It was owed for the hard time I gave him with the last collection. On first whiff, my first thought was “lotion,” but a second whiff smells like a blissful cream that I want to belly flop into. The durian is green, sweet, earthy with a unique jungle bite. The durian fades, and then the florals bloom. They bloom with smoke and a purity of kisses with rose and fumes of jasmine, with a smoke incense that is expensive and worth it. I get all kinds of facets of santal: some Mysore, some creamy, and some aged. (When it is super hot out, animalics push out a beautiful cream.) The Siberian musk tincture is not like deer musk grains. It provides the perfect level of animalics for the Mysore and tonka to bounce in and out. There is a perfected amount of oakmoss. And seriously, I can’t stop smelling what the Mysore is doing at the bed of this fragrance. It’s the dusted, wet, animalic bite that made the wood famous. There truly is no sandalwood that compares. These are natural, raw materials that change with the weather. We have had really hot days and cool days here in the best corner of the earth, and it wears differently on each one. In cooler weather, a lot more animalics and warm earth show up. When it was hot—high nineties, no AC—this turned into an unbelievable cooling cream like only a Mysore could do. It took the floral and durian and gave me a cooling gel smell that made me smell like a cooling whipped floral cream. This would be beautiful on a guy or gal. The final drydown is the cream from heaven; I don’t use those terms lightly. This literally feels like a pillow from heaven for your mind. It’s a floral butter-scented shaving of fruit essences cream. Neither man nor woman but a meeting in the middle of both. Overall, Russian Adam deserves credit for all he keeps pushing and learning. It is evident. He is putting himself in a situation I have seen no other perfumer do. With every collection, he is up for criticism. It is unheard of how he handles it, and it is an example all should follow. His head is always on the bigger picture. He dug in deep, restrained, and showed finesse in his growth. I want to keep fighting like that; pushing for more knowledge. He just upgraded a huge level as a perfumer. No longer letting material do the work, he is mastering the material and doing new things with it to show the world. A salute to you, Russian Adam.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Areej Le Dore
Perfumer:Russian Adam
Fragrance Family:Woody Animalic
Pricing:$10,350.74/fluid ml
What:Daytime, Signature Scent, 350
Projection:2 Feet or More
Longevity:8 Hours or More
Sillage:Short Tailed
Short Description:Fruity Chypre with Sandalwood and Musk

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Santal Galore

Experience 15/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 20/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 10/10
HEART: 4/5
BASE: 10/10


“Legendary: Stock For Life”


    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance I might buy one, I don't know yet. What I'm clear about is that being with my girl having dinner at that time, I'm not going to run on the web to buy, that's for sure. Everyone has their priorities, and mine is not the pefume

    2. Totally understood. Just have to get her into Areej to before you know it she will be leaving dinner to buy. In all seriousness priorities are the most important in all of this. I just told someone I don't own one backup bottle they couldn't believe it. If I can have it once, well that was enough the mind is a powerful locker.

  1. Wow Brandon, Up with the roosters, your video arrived @ 9am in Florida. This is the second time I'm watching this video as I spent the last 2 hours believing I had a Santal Galore decant, only # 33. I've been good lately, I haven't pulled the trigger on one of your recommendations in a few months. Anomin Gold which satisfies my need for Ambergris. I'm stuck like Chuck, Do I go with Ensar and his orchestra of beautiful individual notes while I'm confined @ home, or should I go with the rock and roll band of Areej le Dore? ratings of 95 versus 97. definite blind buys. Twist my arm, please.

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance Last 2 hours I have been on Ensar's site, went to Areej Le Dore and all they have is War & Peace II. DHL is a great shipper, any recent problems to your knowledge? Thanks again Brandon

  2. Just tried a couple of sprays of this. Feel this will take some time to sink in. The Santal in the name throws me off because it makes you expect sandalwood. Having grown up with sandalwood as part of our lives i am never satisfied with most sandalwood fragrances. Maybe it will be like Baikal Gris which took me some time to love but now it is one of my favourites. I am waiting for my bottle so that i can spray liberally and let it sink in ????. Just scored 91 ml of Vintage Mysore sandalwood in the original aluminium 100 ml bottle. It is out of this world . Something to leave my children and grandchildren.????

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance yes sandal wood has a way of working with everything. That is why the actual meaning of an attar originally was a distillation of one or more essential oils into sandalwood oil. What we call attars now are actually mukhallats which means a mix of more than one oil. Very few people really do the original attars. Feel oud has done a few of the old school attars.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance it was always sandalwood. But now it is so expensive that only the top of the line ones do it. The rest are into synthetics or other carriers like Amyris .

    3. @Therapeutic Fragrance awesome! The older oils are so much more richer and complex because those were distilled from huge older wild trees some even 100 years + trees. Even the colour is darker not golden like the newer ones, they are slightly reddish almost honey like. And the curd like lactonic note hits you so much stronger. Everything is that much more intense. And the best way to enjoy them is neat. These are too good to use in a fragrance or attar ????. Enjoy !!????

  3. Serious review for a serious perfume. All round top quality, one of the best reviewers and perfumers combined. The apex of both arts. Can’t wait to smell yours stuff Brandon. Love that you’re here.

    1. Actually both those things smell awesome to me. To each there own. Something unique and new is what I am after. I definitely get the egg nog thing this is creamy, but it flows and doesn't stay in one place for me.

    1. Glad you are keen to this. Funny thing is most people will come around down the road. This is advanced perfume. Very well composed. I applaud Adam for not going for the Pop culture top hits just to make sells. This is very well done. And the more you wear natural material the more the work unfolds itself to you. It's a mystery within itself.

  4. I smell the sandal but to me this is a spicy medicinal with a juicy yellow floral on top and a very musky sandal drydown where the sandal intensifies…..I get a lot of yellow rose in it.

  5. 2021 wont be released until 2021 but I will be releasing rasa smoke this fall and 2021 Rasa will be more similar to 2019 but with additional longevity and the oud bomb will go into the Rasa smoke which I’m making with my aged redwood extractions. Thank you so much for this review!

    1. @Pomare5 Thanks for the advice, that was super helpful! Looks like I'll have to go foraging for redwood sap =). Given the fires and how little the trees produce oils, it might take a while.

  6. And here Brandon keeps pouring gasoline onto the burning wreck that is my bank account. All kidding aside, keep the great content coming brother, I just placed an order and can't wait to check it out!

    1. LOL Ryan. I am afraid we are going to look back on this year as the greatest releases from Indie houses ever. As demand grown there is almost no way to keep the quality of materials. Materials will eventually be sacrificed for volume. It's an unfortunate truth.

  7. Great review! I agree, it does seem fittingly to close your bottle coverage with this… The purity of what this is, the positivity and realness of your review… Living perfume, no cheating… Thank you for saving the best for last.

  8. Therapeutic Fragrance check out his Instagram. The blue cheese looks so good it’s almost a sin to tincture it haha. Honestly though I’m not liking this collection at all. Santal Galore is unique which I like, Grandenia is fairly good but everything else is too sweet and none of these feel like ALD. I love most of his other compositions from 1-5 though. Musk Lave is sickly sweet, so is Agar De Noir. Not sure what happened to this collection but it doesn’t feel like ALD.

  9. I tried a sample of this! I love my indie people but unfortunately it was a major let down. I must have gotten the batch with less passion fruit because I got none. I'm from the Caribbean and very familiar with and love passion fruit but none to be found. The oud was legit but the perfume overall lacks character.. maybe those isolates would have helped ???? would have loved to try the 2019!

    1. Just because I have both I can tell what the passion fruit is doing in the 2020 yes not the same. I don't know if you wear oud or not, but 2020 is like wearing an oud. 2019 undoubtedly you would be able to smell that Caribbean love. What part of the Caribbean I've only been to Trinidad and Tobago. BTW she says 2021 will guarantee to have the passion fruit top back and I'm sure I see a sample being sent your way:)

    1. I smelled this first and new it would take awhile to understand for a lot of people. If I didn't smell so much and play around with materials I would of wrote this off. While the creaminess isn't for all it's just a really great composition. Some of his best perfume work to date. IMO????

  10. @Therapeutic Fragrance Yeah I really like the opening portion of the fragrance its just the rose blew up on my skin and was dominating the the air around me. I'll wear it again tomorrow and see if my nose has adapted and opened up to it

  11. @Therapeutic Fragrance It does wear a little different today, although a few sprays instead of a few swipes. Still like the opening. The weather is 15 degrees warmer here today I think that has helped the sandalwood gain some strength. I wouldn't call it creamy but more frothy almost. I got a little bit of a green spiciness this time also that I wasn't really getting before. Also a slight vibe of something that's been steamed if any of that makes sense. Its nice don't get me wrong, but would still be my 4th favorite from this collection. The rose is not as front and center which I appreciate.

  12. I can’t believe how many people didn’t pick up sandalwood in this. It’s a sandalwood BOMB! Albeit not Mysore, Indonesian sandalwood spicy and pungent. I’m pretty sure Mysore would get buried here. The Durian note is awesome, like banana skin kinda. There’s also that hot stone type note…not sure where that comes from but this is a unique one. I still think Grandenia is the sleeper though. Look forward to your review.

  13. Therapeutic Fragrance Well I was wrong…Grandenia isn’t the sleeper. At least not the only one. Santal Galore just opened up and swallowed my brain. This stuff is a thousand times better and more complex than I realized this past couple weeks. Completely blown away by this collection within the past 2-3 days.

  14. My afternoon/night here has been 1. a couple of drinks with my girl. 2 a good dinner and a couple of other drinks. 3 get home and… 4 my girl is in bed and I have succumbed to Cuir de Russie at 2am in Spain.
    Cheers, fella!!

  15. I changed my mind on this one, absolutley love it now, on my skin I really get fruity rose with sandalwood incense, and just a light purr from musk…and by way of pure luck was able to buy a bottle off of someone at cost. :-).

  16. That is epic that you got this at cost. I've done this for awhile now. And I remember perfumes I hated. But as I learned what was going on and my nose was able to pick up more and more facets and came back to and was blown away. That's SG for me.

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